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Discover the best websites and explore competitor and related sites with, the extension that enables you to browse associated content. is an innovative Recommendation Engine that scours the internet to provide you with more of the content you love. cuts through the clutter of the web by finding similar sites to the ones you browse based on related content, web structure, link analysis algorithms, detailed user surfing behaviors and a large community of user rankings.

By using more than 20 unique similarity engines, our technology takes a snapshot of the inside and outside of a website. Once analyzed, we categorize the site with our huge index of data to help you get the very best and most relevant choice of results.

How to Use SimilarSites

  • Download our browser extension
  • Surf to a URL of interest
  • Click the Extension’s favicon
  • Enjoy :)
Through the results provided, you’ll be able to understand how websites are connected based on:
  • Content - The driving factor that makes sure a similar result has the same texts or images as another website.
  • Keyword Density - Measures how many times a specific word or phrase is used in a homepage in comparison to the total amount of text on that specific page.
  • Topic/Tagging Similarities - Grouped characteristics that describe the overall website.
  • Websites also Visited - Analyzes the actual browsing data that shows what websites people are most likely to jump to from a specific website.
  • User Ratings and Reviews - Community generated opinions by real human beings.

Our Technology

Combined with user ratings and reviews, our results are based on advanced technology including:
  • Automatic Tagging Systems
  • Website Hyperlink Structures
  • Complex Website Categorization
  • Global Internet Traffic Patterns and Statistics
For more detailed information regarding our technology and how it can be applied to other applications and business, please visit the SimilarGroup website.

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